Become a Zulu

APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN - Application intake is done at the start of each month, so you must wait until around the 1st for us to read your applications.

What does joining the Zulu army get you?

  1. A safe space to chill out with other Ugandans where you can be yourself without fear of mods
  2. Free game keys when we get community access into alpha/betas of early release games
  3. Verified to see all the locked channels of our discord and forums
  4. Community events like tournaments or various contests

Community rules

  1. Freedom of Speech is a cornerstone of our community. If you get offended by words, we aren’t for you.
  2. No doxxing of anyone, for any reason, if we find that personal information has been used against someone you will be removed from the community and local law enforcement will be notified.
  3. Be respectful to your fellow Ugandan, we are an international community with many races, religions and creeds among us, friendly banter is always welcome but never make it personal.
  4. Micspam is the Ugandan way of life, if you don’t like it, we probably aren’t right for you.
  5. Gotta be active at least once every few weeks for as long as real life allows you.
  6. Anyone found using any form of cheat/exploit in any game we’re playing will not only be removed from Uganda but reported by us to developers. If we need to cheat to win we aren’t doing it properly.
  7. By applying you confirm being over 18 years old.
  8. Weebs/Femboys/Furries/Any sort of degeneracy - out.
  9. No snitches/leakers.